Grocery List Printable: Solving a Problem You Didn’t Know You Had!

We have a problem at out house, not like a batten down the hatches, fight about it or something we have insurance for problem but a problem none the less. Our grocery list has become hostile and contested territory. You see it goes like this, I buy the cheap magnetic list things at the dollar... Continue Reading →


Half Update 2: Last Free Runs, Week One Complete

Week one check! This week I’ll be talking about my last runs of freedom and my first week of training. Yeah! This year we haven’t had much of a winter it was Juneuary, followed my no February so hopefully that continues into March. We have literally no snow on the ground, I saw like one... Continue Reading →

Why Running?!?

For as much as I yammer on about it running isn’t even my favourite way to stay fit. It’s at least 4th after biking, swimming and yoga at least, maybe even after that pole dancing class I took 10 years ago. I haven’t tried every sport so it might even be after those undiscovered loves... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 27

This picture took me three years to take lots of trying for just missed it! Taking a picture of lightning was most definitely on my bucket list! Finally Mother Nature obliged on my birthday two years ago. If it's been a while since you ran your fastest mile, your longest bike ride or your heaviest... Continue Reading →

Frostbite 5 Miler: Race Recap

Last year I started doing race recaps and last year I did all those fun races I always wanted to try as a goal after triathlon training fell through, well the race did anyway. But The Frostbite Five Miler is actually one I’ve done before and it was lots of fun! It’s actually a really... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 26

I took this picture many years ago on one of my first walks with my brand new camera (at the time). Since then the shutter has closed over 17 000 times but not enough recently. I love the contrast of the still water upstream and the movement below. You have those two options this weekend... Continue Reading →

Content Thief: Equilibreplus Exposed

You know what sucks having your content stolen. And if you're a blogger, especially a wordpress blogger you need to be monitoring this site! It happened to me for the first time late last November and again this past week. This site is totally made up of stolen content and outside video content wordpress bloggers... Continue Reading →

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