Things that Can Make a Scale Swing

Good or bad lots of people live by the scale. It’s not a bad thing per say we know from research those that successfully control their weight weigh themselves regularly. However you can certainly take it way too far. Once a week is probably healthy too much more or less and you might be over or... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 44

I think that if we're all honest with ourselves we'd rather be in control of any given situation than not. I also think that a big part of being a truly happy balanced person is being ok with that uncertainty and even embracing it. Maybe it's something that comes with age or life experience but... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 25

When I made the switch to digital I treated it a lot like film but it's not. Then one of my favourite photographers made the point the one thing digital images have that film never will is editing options. This picture was taken on a VERY dark and stormy day about 60 m from the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 24

You might have noticed by now that I also love to dabble in photography. My mom wanted me to come over and take a picture of this clematis for her since it was just perfect that year! I had it framed and gave it to her for Christmas too! I love that running let's you... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List: Free Printable

What would you like to do this summer? What will you do if you don't actually plan it? The answer probably Netflix and Chill, probably with beer. Then the summer will be gone, it will be back to school, then frost and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, Yikes! So let's sit down and make a plan... Continue Reading →

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