Easter Ideas for the Non-Church Going Crowd

Easter is without a doubt one of the most important holidays in the christian calendar. But not everyone is in that group right? So how do you celebrate easter respectfully if you don’t celebrate easter. It’s a shame to let it go unnoticed as it’s one of only 6 paid days off or includes 2... Continue Reading →


Active Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A girl can only have so many fancy mid-winter dinners and long stemmed roses before she get’s sort of bored with it right? Plus after a few years with the same person the shine wears off those fancy planned dates but today is Valentine’s Day and you can’t let it pass totally unacknowledged right? PS... Continue Reading →

Construction Secrets: Industry Myths

There are a lot of construction industry myths out there some hurt your construction professional and some hurt the homeowner. Some just lead to misunderstandings and friction when one person is expecting one thing and someone else is expecting another. Most of these are outright myths others are common misunderstandings. Where these come from is... Continue Reading →

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