Easter Ideas for the Non-Church Going Crowd

Easter is without a doubt one of the most important holidays in the christian calendar. But not everyone is in that group right? So how do you celebrate easter respectfully if you don’t celebrate easter. It’s a shame to let it go unnoticed as it’s one of only 6 paid days off or includes 2... Continue Reading →


Make Working Out Fun Again: How to get your groove back

No matter how much you love your favourite workout it can get stale after a while after that it can start to suck a bit and you loose motivation. I just started training for a 1/2 marathon this month after a winter of only running and I’m not there yet but we all know it’s... Continue Reading →

The 10% Rule: How to Break it

If you’re a runner you’ve heard about the 10% rule but you’ve probably noticed a lot of plans tell you to break it on the regular. In short it states that you shouldn’t increase your milage more than 10% of what you did last week. The idea is that if you push too hard too... Continue Reading →

Content Thief: Equilibreplus Exposed

You know what sucks having your content stolen. And if you're a blogger, especially a wordpress blogger you need to be monitoring this site! It happened to me for the first time late last November and again this past week. This site is totally made up of stolen content and outside video content wordpress bloggers... Continue Reading →

How to Ride Out a Storm

We had one hell of a storm here this week, and another one last week. Which follows up the 100 year record breaking snow falls of 2015, freakish Hurricane Aurther in July in 2014 (which stripped all the leaves off the trees), Hurricane Noel in 2007 and Juan and white Juan in 2003 and 2004... Continue Reading →

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