Easter Ideas for the Non-Church Going Crowd

Easter is without a doubt one of the most important holidays in the christian calendar. But not everyone is in that group right? So how do you celebrate easter respectfully if you don’t celebrate easter. It’s a shame to let it go unnoticed as it’s one of only 6 paid days off or includes 2... Continue Reading →


Grocery List Printable: Solving a Problem You Didn’t Know You Had!

We have a problem at out house, not like a batten down the hatches, fight about it or something we have insurance for problem but a problem none the less. Our grocery list has become hostile and contested territory. You see it goes like this, I buy the cheap magnetic list things at the dollar... Continue Reading →

How to Take Better Pictures Tomorrow

We all want to take better pictures no matter what camera you have, even if that's the one on your phone. These tips are truly easy, not switch to manual mode and extolling the virtues of manual focus. With summer (supposedly) around the corner you might want to get the prefect beach shot, landscape, flowers... Continue Reading →

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