Grocery List Printable: Solving a Problem You Didn’t Know You Had!

We have a problem at out house, not like a batten down the hatches, fight about it or something we have insurance for problem but a problem none the less. Our grocery list has become hostile and contested territory. You see it goes like this, I buy the cheap magnetic list things at the dollar... Continue Reading →


Science: What is Ketosis? Will it Help You Loose Weight?

Yes, maybe, sort of and not long term. Helpful right? So it’s all the rage right now the ketogenic diet, it revs your fat burning up and as long as you stay in ketosis the pounds will melt away. It’s high fat low carb, you pee on these weird sticks and it worked for the... Continue Reading →

Basic AF Gardening Tips

So you have a black thumb, don't worry there is hope! If you can't grow squat then you don't need advice on pruning, composting or freeing root bound plants. Let's go back, way, way back and get you to the "I might be able to grow more tomatoes per plant next year," by the end... Continue Reading →

How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden!

It's time, well it's almost time. Fine, we had two snow storms this week but a girl can dream right? I was raised by a gardening power couple, picture the Jay-Z and Beyonce of gardening, maybe more like Bill and Hillary? We'll circle back to that, Maybe. It might skip a generation, But I like... Continue Reading →

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