Half Update 4: First 5 run week and first run with my trainees

Something weird is happening you guys… I got up early to run twice this week even though I technically didn’t have to. Weird right… Since it was march break and dark morning time change week I was all excited to sleep in, which I did till like 9:30 twice on non-running days. So far honey... Continue Reading →


Make Working Out Fun Again: How to get your groove back

No matter how much you love your favourite workout it can get stale after a while after that it can start to suck a bit and you loose motivation. I just started training for a 1/2 marathon this month after a winter of only running and I’m not there yet but we all know it’s... Continue Reading →

The 10% Rule: How to Break it

If you’re a runner you’ve heard about the 10% rule but you’ve probably noticed a lot of plans tell you to break it on the regular. In short it states that you shouldn’t increase your milage more than 10% of what you did last week. The idea is that if you push too hard too... Continue Reading →

Road ID Review: You Need This!

This is not sponsored it’s just a rave! After every runner buys sneakers their very next purchase should be road ID. It’s cheap, high quality, lasts a lifetime and might just help save your life. We all buy things we hope we never need, insurance (used the hell out of that already this year), smoke... Continue Reading →

Why Running?!?

For as much as I yammer on about it running isn’t even my favourite way to stay fit. It’s at least 4th after biking, swimming and yoga at least, maybe even after that pole dancing class I took 10 years ago. I haven’t tried every sport so it might even be after those undiscovered loves... Continue Reading →

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