How to Protect Your Home From Frozen Pipes

On my facebook profile it says my least favourite element is water but I do know it’s not really an element. But I stick with it because… I've had a lot of floods, a lot. My first apartment, my mom’s basement when I was house sitting, dozens of leaks from a sad copper sprinkler system... Continue Reading →


What Really Happens When You Have a Home Insurance Claim

I have had some experience with this, more than average. Not really through bad luck while some bad luck but some as a condo president and through some of honey’s customers. Even with out an impending disaster looming in your life this is worth a read. Plus during hurricane and fire season it might be... Continue Reading →

Construction Secrets: Industry Myths

There are a lot of construction industry myths out there some hurt your construction professional and some hurt the homeowner. Some just lead to misunderstandings and friction when one person is expecting one thing and someone else is expecting another. Most of these are outright myths others are common misunderstandings. Where these come from is... Continue Reading →

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