How to Start the School Year Off Right

  One of the things I do is tutor, mostly high school kids. I've done it since I was in grade 11 so for the last OMG 18 years! It's actually my favourite thing that I do and no matter how busy I get I'll probably always tutor a little. So parents and students how... Continue Reading →


Why Running Isn’t a Good Sport (For Loosing Weight)

I've read a few articles, including this one, lately about why running is a terrible exercise and I was incensed, upset and disagreeable afterwards. Some extolled the virtues of another sport in the process but then I got thinking, running isn't for everyone and that's okay. I also watched Nova's Marathon Challenge and that message... Continue Reading →

Construction Secrets: Industry Myths

There are a lot of construction industry myths out there some hurt your construction professional and some hurt the homeowner. Some just lead to misunderstandings and friction when one person is expecting one thing and someone else is expecting another. Most of these are outright myths others are common misunderstandings. Where these come from is... Continue Reading →

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