Signs You Might be Taking Exercise Too Far

I'm not messing around here. You can take exercise too far and it can become unhealthy. How far is too far, thankfully pretty far. Let's see what the science says and how you know it might be time to scale back. Let's delve deep into that line between we all so it and too much.... Continue Reading →


Why Mountain Biking is the Best Workout Ever!!!

Do I really truly think this? YES!!! Have I thought about, tried or ruled out ever possible alternative, No. Am I biased, yes, but I'm alright with that and it's still pretty great! It burns a tremendous number of calories, is a full body workout, fun, provides an adrenaline rush (if you're doing it right),... Continue Reading →

Basic AF Gardening Tips

So you have a black thumb, don't worry there is hope! If you can't grow squat then you don't need advice on pruning, composting or freeing root bound plants. Let's go back, way, way back and get you to the "I might be able to grow more tomatoes per plant next year," by the end... Continue Reading →

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