Weekend Motivation 43

My phone shot this picture accidentally while I was posing for today's workout selfie. You can see all the indents of the bikes and vehicles that passed in the last two days since we've had a driving rain in the middle of nowhere. Not a runfie tonight but maybe a bikie? It was actually a... Continue Reading →


Why it’s Easier for Me to be Fit than You

This isn’t necessarily the post you think it’s going to be. It’s also NOT a thinly disguised humble brag at all. It’s actually the first in a two part series, the next being why it’s easier for you than me. What it is meant to do is point out that we all face challenges and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 42

Mornings aren't for running for every one, but even I'll admit it's a pretty great way to start the day. With warmer weather upon us (eventually here) the morning is the coolest part of the day even compared to the late evening. Training for a half at Bluenose this year meant lots of morning runs... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 41

You might have gathered by now I'm not a winter person I'm 100% a summer person. All of the good things happen in summer; paddle boarding, race season, long days, beach walks, body surfing, wharfing, fresh mowed lawns, running with a breeze on your belly and mountain biking. I could go on but you get... Continue Reading →

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