Weekend Motivation 34

It's no secret that I love the ocean and I feel lucky every day to live near it! You would think that at some point it might get old but nothing is further from the truth. Pretty much every single run I go for involves the sea but getting to go on the regular in... Continue Reading →


When and How to Give Someone Bad News

This is one of those things that we all have to do from time to time and it literally never gets easier. It might be telling a friend a spouse is cheating (there’s a whole section on that), a leak in a house you’re watching or reporting on a child’s poor behaviour, there is a... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 33

I run on the road for the most part for a few good reasons and because it's pretty beautiful here too, plus just a little easier. But every time I leave it and head out on the trails it's a great experience too. I'm planning on doing a fair amount of triathlon training on my... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 32

One cool thing about running, cycling, being outdoors and maybe working out in general is that it gives you the opportunity to learn these tiny little lessons that can have such a big impact in your wider life. Last week I got to go on an amazingly beautiful Peggy's Cove and took lots of amazing... Continue Reading →

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